Small Business Tax Loopholes

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Membership Has Its Privileges! Especially on Tax Day

Too many small businesses needlessly pay more than is required in income taxes. Unless you have money to throw away, we urge you to find and use every way possible to pay only what you owe – and not a penny more! At the same time, you need to avoid costly mistakes that could result in an unexpected letter from the dreaded taxman.

As a member of Small Biz Zoom, you will receive concise, easy to implement information on how to make tax laws work to your advantage, instead of working against you! We’ll provide you with guidelines on how to avoid an audit, tips to help you take advantage of the tax laws, and timely information you can act on quickly to avoid a tax bombshell! Best of all, this information will be clearly and concisely presented on video in a way that is easy to understand.

Monthly Tips to Keep Your Business Humming

Each month, as part of our delivery to you, the founder, Jake Hanes, the owner of a highly successful CPA firm, will share specific tips and tools to help you achieve greater financial success in your business. Simply invest a little time each month to implement these strategies and you will reap the rewards month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year.

It’s no fun to find out from a CPA that you’ve been overpaying your taxes for 10 years. But it’s a heck of a lot better than overpaying your taxes for another 10 years!

Get the most from your Small Biz Zoom membership by watching your monthly tax saving strategy video then taking action. Make sure you’re not gifting Uncle Sam a new boat with your hard-earned money.