Small Business Bookkeeping


Let Our Pros Handle Your Bookkeeping so You Can Focus on What You do Best

As an entrepreneur, you have countless things that warrant your attention. A surprising number of business owners do their own bookkeeping – a cumbersome chore that pulls them away from the tasks where they’re truly needed.

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be an anchor weighing you down. Your Small Biz Zoom membership includes money-saving discounts on professional, affordable, bookkeeping services.

The bookkeeping professionals at Small Biz Zoom can do all of your pesky (but necessary) booking tasks, including:

Grow your company by doing the tasks only you can do, and using affordable experts to handle routine tasks, like bookkeeping.

How Our Bookkeeping Service Works

First, sign up. Then set up the link to download your business bank and credit card statements, deliver bank copies of checks or scan and send to us your check registers, and provide notes related to your months activities.

Next, let us know how you are doing (or we are doing) payroll for your business (if it applies), and send us the payroll earning reports if we are not your payroll service provider. The rate you pay per hour depends upon your membership level.

Once we receive everything, we will provide you an estimate on # of hours. If you agree, we begin! We will collect payment information at this time.

Once you begin services with us, you will soon receive notify you that either 1) your financials are ready, or 2) we have questions. Once everything looks good on our end, we will send it to you for review. Questions come back to us, or changes, and we’ll attempt to make the changes within 24 hours to finalize your reports. And that’s it, you will have the the financials you need to run your business efficiently!

Then simply repeat for subsequent months. It’s that easy, and yet another way Small Biz Zoom help your business succeed.

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