Reputation Management

I’m Getting Slammed by Negative Reviews Online. How do I Combat Them?

Are you losing sleep over nasty (and often untrue) comments customers, or even fake customers, are writing about your business? Negative reviews repel potential customers, raise doubts with your existing customers, and deflate employee morale. Trying to get rid of nasty reviews is nearly impossible. They can stay online, damaging your company’s good name and haunting you day after day, for years. If your company’s reputation is being trashed online, you’re living a business nightmare. It’s time to take action before it’s too late. Thankfully, now you can put your hands on the tools and data you need to turn the tide and take control of your online reputation.

So, Why Soffront?

Soffront, a leader in Reputation Management, makes it easy to manage your company’s online reputation on many fronts – not just reviews. Get notified the moment a review is submitted about your business on Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, and other popular review sites, so you can respond promptly with your side of story. You can soften the effect of a poor review by clarifying the facts or taking responsibility for a mistake. You’ll be notified immediately when “mentions” about your business appear in news sites, blogs, and social networks. Soffront makes it easy for customers to give you a review. Soffront make it easy to see whether your business contact information is accurate across the web in search engines, major directories, mapping apps, and more. Want to know how your competitors are doing? Soffront can put that information at your fingertips, too.

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