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It’s time to do something about your Merchant Services!

“Merchant services” is a formal way of saying that you take debit and credit cards. You know you should take debit and credit cards but it can seem so complicated – and expensive. If your business doesn’t take credit and debit cards, you risk losing customers to your competitors. Customers who stick with you may spend less than they want to because they don’t have the cash to pay for everything they are ready and eager to buy today. If you do take debit and credit cards, it’s very likely that you’re paying more than you need to. Many companies, especially do-it-yourself services, such as PayPal, charge sky-high fees that can gobble up your profits in a flash. Some services that enable you to take payments through a smart phone lack important security that can compromise your customer data – potential lawsuits could put the future of your company at risk. Yikes!

We get it! You want to take credit and debit cards, you want to pay competitive rates, and you want to know that your customer’s information is safe – without wasting hours and hours vetting companies trying to find one you can trust. Meet our trusted partner, Platinum Payments, they will take care of you and all your debit and credit card processing needs. With Platinum Payments, you can simplify your payment processing and take your business to the next level. Click below to get started.

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With Platinum Payments Merchant Services, you get:

  • No contract
  • Fully transparent rates and fees
  • No rate increase guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cutting edge technology, including Apple pay and android pay

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